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MOTHER MADE 2-Step Honey Citrus Spa Facials are great. The Clay Mask left my face feeling moisturized and the Honey Sheet Mask left my face feeling nourished. The product definitely works as promised.


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🍯 Honey is the queen bee 🐝 of skincare! I love everything about it and the @mothermade_global @mothermade_kr 2 Step Honey Citrus Spa Facials Mask is no exception. I love that honey removes all the bad stuff from your face. . Step 1 is a brush on mask made with Glycerin, Calamine, Beeswax, a ton of fruit, root and other extracts, Betaine, Witch Hazel, etc.. You leave it on for ten minutes. There’s a lot of mask in the envelope, so I slathered it on thick and it wasn’t quite dry, so I extended the time. My face was so soft and bright afterwards! . Step 2 is a thin cellulose sheet mask, which is easy to unfold and the fit is pretty good. It has a lot of serum, but I had no dripping. I left it on a little longer than the recommended 15 minutes, while watched TV and let the nutrients soak into my skin. The ingredients are amazing, some of which are Honey, Royal Jelly, Centella & Tea Tree Extracts. It also has Propanediol, Glycerin, Propolis, Panthenol, Allantoin, Aloe, Sodium Hyaluronate and Hyaluronic Acid. I loved the results! It does leave quite a bit of product on your face. What you do with that is up to you. . I loved this and at $19.95 on Amazon for a pack of five, I’ll be keeping a supply of these on hand. Thank you so much for sending these to me to try! @mothermade_global @mothermade_kr 2 & @0.8l *PR Gifted. All thoughts are my own. . . .


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I was sent Mother Made 2 Step Honey Citrus Spa Facials (5pk) free by 0.8L in exchange for an honest review. I used this product after washing my face. I first applied the Citrus Mud Mask. It’s not too goopy and not too think. Went on very smoothly. I waited 10 minutes and rinsed it off. It was awesome and didn’t get too tight on my skin like other mud masks can. After that I applied the sheet mask for 15 min. It came with so much extra essence in the packet and I slathered that all over my neck. After the 15 min there was still plenty of essence on my skin. I appreciate that Mother Made gives accurate times for your skin to absorb the products! After both products my skin was well hydrated and dewy, which I LOVED!!! I’ve done this mask twice and love the results so much, I want to repurchase this 5pk!


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Mother made 2-step honey facial spa sheetmask I thought this would be a mediocre honey scent sheetmask with the cleanser attached at first but it proved me wrong. The citrus mud clay wash off took me by surprise, I though it would be drier similar to charcoal but it’s not. It’s very soothing and creamy and easy to wash off. I like the honey sheetmask to apply afterwards but it leaves a sticky residue which I don’t like during the summer. This is great for weekend getaways or quick on the go.


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I received the Mother Made 2 Step Honey Citrus Mask from 0.8L for a trial fee of 3.99 in exchange for an honest review. Since I loved the Snail Sheet Mask so much from this brand , I had to have this one nonetheless. This campaign featured 5 masks and it retails for about 20$. It can purchased on Amazon. This is a two step mask. Step one features a pore mud mask made from Amazonian Clay amd citrus fruit extracts. These ingredients combined will remove sebum, dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil without drying or irritating the skin. Step 2 contains the sheet mask . The sheet mask is infused with nourishing Manuka honey, green tea extract, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. All these ingredients combined will supply the skin with nutrients, hydration and anti aging benefits as well. This 2 step mask is ideal for those with sensitive, oily, dry and acne prone skin. With all that being said let’s dive into the product. Step one . I squeezed the mask out of the pouch. It was yellow in color and a tad bit runny. I applied it and left it for 10 minutes as per the directions. I actually left it on for 15 minutes for some reason. I was expecting the clay to dry down and tighten on my face. I was very surprised after the 15 minutes, the mask was still quite moist. I then proceeded to do my double cleanse. I must admit my was very bright afterwards. Now step 2. I skipped my toner step and applied the sheet mask . As per the directions, 15 minutes for this step. The sheet mask is made up of cellulose fiber and it adhere well to the skin. After the 15 minutes my face was saturated with Essence that I had to keep massaging and patting in . I felt like step 2 was a bit heavy for my skin type and would benefit those with drier skin. But if they sold the Amazonian Clay Mask that was featured in Step one , I would definitely purchase it


5.0 Recommend

I couldnt wait to try this mud mask & sheet mask combo with a pack that comes in 5! love the Citrus smell. like how it really cleans my pores out since I have sensitive oily skin. the mud isnt sticky and applys easily.