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Mulberry Leaves are said to be effective in suppressing carbohydrates absorption which in turn restricts blood sugar level rising. It also helps in weight management and lowering cholesterol level. It is a powerful anti oxidant which is caffeine free . . . . The Delish Organics contain 100% organic Mulberry Leaves from Japan. It is in powder form and is easily dissolved in room temperature water. It does not have any taste on its own and is easy to drink. The sachets are very handy and are very conveniently slipped into a wallet. . . . . I tried it for a few days and realised that my bowel movement is smoother and better. I find it more secure to consume a sachet before any meal to block out my carbs. . . .


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This Organic Green Juice taste not that bad. "Mulberry Leaf" that is known as a healthy food from ancient times, it is a superfood that contains plenty of nutrients. It also helps to control sugar level from rising. ⁣ ⁣ If you are someone like me who don't eat vegetables, must try this! It is easy to drink, it melts in water and very refreshing. It is very convenient to bring out. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ @delish_organics @0.8L_singapore ⁣ ⁣


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Had the chance to try this organic Japan Mulberry Leaf powder from Delish Organics! Timely for someone like me who’s been planning cut back on eating before the CNY feasting starts 😋 I had one packet mixed with a glass of hot water and surprisingly it tastes JUST LIKE GREEN TEA! There is no bitter aftertaste whatsoever even though there is ginger added into the powder, and preparation for the drink is really easy - all you need is just 100-150ml of warm/hot water and a sachet, and all you need to do is stir lightly and you’re good to go! The powder, which contains DNJ - deoxynojirimycin, helps to control blood sugar levels by preventing the absorption of carbohydrates from enzymes, and hence it’s highly encouraged that this drink be consumed before meals in order to avoid the over-consumption of carbohydrates! I have never been a real big fan of super foods but with Delish Organics, I might just start hopping on this super foods train 😚 A big thank you to 0.8L Singapore and Delish Organics for the opportunity to try this healthy and delicious drink!!


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There have been overwhelming scientific evidence to prove the benefits Mulberry leaves. Some of the benefits includes regulating blood sugar level, cholesterol, weight management, skin health, digestive health and more. What is better than Mulberry Leaves that is said to have various preventive effect of diseases, weight management and improves overall wellness? Being an organic superfood. Packaging: 4.5/5 What I really like about Delish Organics Mulberry Leaf is how it comes in small sachet, making it convenient to bring it out with you. You can drop one in your bag on a go without taking up large amount of space. However I wish they made a tear notch to enable easy opening. Smell & Taste: 4/5 It smells similar to the Japanese Green Tea bags you can find in local supermarts. When mix with plant water, it does not particularly taste of anything. Like a very bland tea taste as opposed to its colour, which actually look like it would taste like blended spinach. I love the flexibility it offer in being creative in mixing. I usually mix it together with greek yoghurt for added flavour.

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Very easy to prepare and both smells and tastes good. Personally I'm not a big fan of vegetables and greens, but this make it a fun way to consume them


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- Product Review - - Delish Organics Mulberry Leaf - - If you love green tea you will love this 🥰 - The taste is amazingly good its like a beverage drink that you can drink anytime anywhere you want ! - Its organic too !! - It come is a small pack that is travel friendly - Powder is rich


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This product taste not as bad as I thought. It's like drinking vegetable juice that got crushed into powder. It taste really healthy and great! the packaging is small too, it's easier to bring it around. This has to be dissolved in hot water (100~150ml), so I normally prefer to drink it after a meal (only 1 time per day). Also, this drink can be a diet product too. Hopefully it turns out well for me!


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I have always love superfood like mulberry leaves that has good health benefits. Mulberry leaf green juice is able to absorb carbohydrates, reduces blood sugar level and lower the risk of getting diabetes. Drink a cup before meals and enjoy my food.


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I had the organic green juice + ginger after my breakfast. I mix 1 sachet with half cup of hot water To be honest, I was actually scared of the tatse. I thought would be something very vegetable taste and the ginger taste would be strong. The green juice did don't have any ginger taste. In fact it taste very refreshing.


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This detox drink doesn't really have any weird taste, it just tastes a little like non-sugared Japanese green tea and it smells like Matcha! 😄 Would recommend it to those who want a fuss free detoxing drink - you can add it into smoothies and milk too! But it would dissolve better in hot water.


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Delish Organic Mulberry Leaf has organic JAS certified which is easy portable and consume by mixing it with 100-150ml water. found it super easy disolve in water, taste is nice and acceptable, no powdery feeling in mouth. We may eat too much without conscious but Mulberry leaf help to absorb carbohydrate intake and reduce diabetes possibility.just take it before meal, we can avoid being the diabetes risk competitively! I need stock it up as CNY is around the corner!


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Mulberry Leaf contains several nutrients like oxidants, calcium, potassium. Its exactly what our bodies need, love how it can regulate blood sugar level, lose weight and lower blood pressure. Its easy to consume, mix a sachet with water and drink it before a meal, and it works to keep the body healthy.


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Hailing from Japan, Delish Organics Mulberry Leaf uses organic mulberry leaves 100% grown in Japan with no preservatives, no artificial perfume, no gene-recombination ingredients and no food colourings. It comes in a box of 10 individually packed sachets which are great for office and convenient for travels. Mulberry Leaves ( Sang Ye in mandarin ) known to be a healthy superfood, is packed with tons of nutrition and health benefits, in particular on reducing inflammation and lowering abnormally high blood sugar (glucose) levels, blood pressure and blood lipids. It can also help to absorb carbohydrates and lower sugar levels due to a heavy meal. In terms of beauty, Mulberry Leaf contains anti-oxidation and anti-aging benefits. According to the result of a 4-year experiment conducted by the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology in Zhejiang University, it resembles ginseng (Ren Shen) on tonic and anti-aging effects. The only difference is that ginseng is of warm nature while mulberry leaf is of cold nature. Dissolve one sachet in 100-150 ml of water or hot water and drink before or together with a meal. You can also mix it with dressing, sprinkle it on yogurt, ice cream or as topping on the dish. Green in colour, Delish Organics Mulberry Leaf reminds one of green barley but is not overpowering in smell and has a subtle natural mulberry taste which is acceptable to me. While I have not experience any difference after drinking it for 5 consecutive days, I believe such superfood benefits will do good for the body in the long term, just like with chia seeds and flaxseeds.


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- Product Review - Mulberry Leaf is a powerful antioxidant and is raved for its ability to lower blood sugar level and cholesterol. The huge "GREEN JUICE" printed on the box scares me, the white little sachet packaging looks more appealing and extremely travel friendly. Poured out the green powdery substance, added water and voilà! So this little sachet is richer than I could have imagined and it tasted just like matcha tea! It's easy to drink and fragrant and no hint of ginger at all.


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진짜 생각보다 맛이 좋네요. One of my resolutions for 2020 is to be more of a "health buff". The DNJ (deoxynojirimycin) in this Mulberry Leaf Drink is said to control absorption of carbohydrates and keep the blood sugar level in check. And helpful to Type-2 diabetes. Honestly, I was abit skeptical about the taste initially - that it would be heavy on the palate due to its rich color. But it tasted like most tea with a tinge of earthy ginger taste. Surprisingly quite pleasant actually. Can't wait to use these pocket-sized sachets together with a yogurt or try to create a Mulberry milk tea drink someday. Big thanks the 0.8L team and Delish Organic on recommending this superfood drink.


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Simply Delish-cious! The Delish Organics Mulberry Leaf Juice is organic JAS certified and uses only organic mulberry leaves 100% grown in Japan from what I read! Mulberry leaves are known to be a healthy food and I'm excited ro enjoy this cup full of goodness. One key benefit of this Organic Green Juice is that the mulberry leaves have the function to absorb carbohydrates! Therefore, you can drink a cup of this mulberry leaf green juice just before meals to help decrease the risk of diabetes! There is no artificial fragrance, the taste of it is just natural mulberry leaf drink. It has a natural taste with no sweetness, so you can think of it as having a cup of plain water that is mixed with mulberry green leaves, similar to having a cup of tea. Tasted very natural but I would have love it more if it was combined with some other ingredients for an added sweetness. Thank you for sending this box of Delish-cious cup of goodness over! I'm going to share them with my loved ones!


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This organic japan Mulberry leaf which contains DNJ (deoxynojirimycin) helps to control blood sugar level by preventing the absorption of carbohydrates from enzymes!  I tried a packet mixed with hot water and it tastes like green tea! There is no bitter aftertaste. The powder is easily dissolved in hot water with no clumping; just stir lightly and it's ready to drink! Very convenient and I'd recommend this for those watching their diet like myself! Recommended to drink before a meal! It is fuss free healthy drink!  Thank you 0.8L Singapore and Delish Organic for the opportunity to try this healthy drink! 


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Got this product to try from 0.8L and it comes in 10 sachets. It smells like matcha! I wouldn't have thought this is mulberry leaf + ginger. There's no ginger taste at all. It taste pleasant like matcha too? very easy to drink. However, to be very honest, i am not sure if this works for weight loss and i am not sure what is the effect at all because i don't feel anything different. I drink it before my meals for 2 days but don't see any weight loss. maybe must try for a longer period of time but i don't have enough time to try before writing this review. Above is my 100% honest review :)


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I had try Delish Organics Mulberry Leaf drink it come with mocha smell but no tastes at all, I love it cos I drink same other brand is bitter! It Very smooth and easy to swallow.

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