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If you have dry, cracked hands use the @atopalmusa moisturizing hand treatment! It's paraben free and great for dry skin in the cold winter months. It has a light scent and absorbs into the skin quickly. I have this in my purse when I need it!


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i used a little bit and still feel a bit greasy but its not so bad. scent isn't overbearing.


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[Product Review] Product Description: Atopalm Moisturizing Hand Treatment is designed to hydrate and soften the hands while reducing visible signs of aging. Moisturizers and antioxidants work to diminish dryness and dullness, while other ingredients tackle telltale signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. With regular use, the hands will become softer, smoother, brighter, and more comfortable. Review: Overall, I do feel like this is a great hand cream. I have been using it for over a month and I do feel like my hands are in better conditions now. I usually apply a coin size amount of cream on my hands and rub it in. The cream fully absorbs into my skin within few minutes without leaving any tacky feelings. Also the cream smells really nice and leaves my hands softer and smoothers. It works better than some branded hand creams I’ve tried and I do really enjoy using it


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On behalf of @0.8l_usa and @atopalmusa I was able to test and review the #MoisturizingHandTreatment. This Hand treatment is designed to diminish visible signs of aging, which I don’t have, but I love how soft this #MoisturizingHandTreatment leaves your hands feeling. It is Paraben Free made with antioxidants for Dull, Dry, and Sensitive Skin. I’ve used this #HandTreatment for a month now and I can tell that my tattoos on my hands are brighter as a result. The scent is light and inviting. I would definitely recommend this product, but it is a little pricey at 120ml for $21.00


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I really want to compare this to the other hand cream I had just reviewed, but I will not do that right now. . Anyway, this is Atopalm’s Moisturizing Hand Treatment. I have been using this on alternate weeks with the other hand cream. . This hand cream claims to diminish the signs of aging on hands (or anywhere else imo) because of its Multi Lamellar Emulsion (MLE) formula, which is great for anyone with dry-very dry skin. It’s a great skin treatment for those who wash their hands a lot (ex. A nurse), and for anyone who just want to sooth their dry flaky skin (like mine). This is paraben free, which is great for sensitive skin, as well. . This a thicker hand cream than the previous one I tried, and it seals in the moisture far longer, too. Even if you warm it up between your palm before lathering it all over your hand, the consistency feels thick, but it will thin out and give you a warm soothing effect. . It doesn’t have a fragrance, another plus for those who are sensitive to scents. . I like using this at bedtime. I keep it at bedside, and Reach for it anytime I am in bed or before sleeping. It’s definitely a great cream to use for winter. . @atopalmusa @0.8l_usa #atopalm #atopalmusa #skincaretips #skincareproducts #beauty #beautybloggers #beautyreview #handcream #dryskin #sensitiveskin #instabeauty #08liter #08literusa #08L #handcare #bodycare #skin #thesheetmasklady #sheetmasklady #quickreview #lotion #soft #antiagingskincare


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Anyone else dealing with dry hands around this time of the year? 🙋🏻‍♀️ As a South American girl I never had to face this issue (it’s really humid in Argentina!) so you know what I mean when I tell you my skin went through some rough patches since I moved out to the beautiful, wild, deserty Nevada 😂 🌵 Thank goodness for @atopalmusa hand treatment! My skin has become smoother, brighter, and more comfortable ❤️ Visit @atopalmusa to learn more about this and other products! ✨


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I struggle with dry skin and my hands are no exception. I'm someone who is constantly washing my hands, which dries my hands even more. I always have to have a hand cream by the nightstand and in a purse. I love this beauty because I do prefer unscented ones for work. You can instantly feel it hydrating when rubbing it in. Sinks beautifully into the skin. Doesn't leave a sticky or oily feeling. My hands look more youthful and have a nice healthy glow. Love that my hands are left velvety soft. I have this beauty in my work bag and apply it everyday. Loving it!♡


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This hand treatment cream packs some serious moisture! It’s paraben free, patented technology to help fight the visible signs of aging, provide anti-oxidant protection, while moisturizing, softening and smoothing skin. It’s especially beneficial for very dry and sensitive skin. Apply morning and at bedtime for best results.


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I was able to try this hand cream fore about 2 weeks. My hands in winter get really dry and this cream has been helping me a lot. The formula is rich but not oily. It has a nice fruity fragrance to it. My hands feel softer and hydrated.

Laurie Hsu

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Talk about moisturizing! Atopalm Moisturizing Hand Treatment is very hydrating and helps reduce visible signs of aging. The formula is paraben-free and perfect for dry and sensitive skin types. It is not oily and it has a light fruity scent.


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This is an amazing moisturizing ha d lotion ! Formulated rich in moisturizers and antioxidants . Reduces visible signs of aging with prolonged use which we all love as we gracefully age ! And we all know our hands for sure start to show our age ! This is a product we all need a large supply of ! It’s also formulated to be helpful to all skin types even sensitive skin !!! I really needed an amazing hand lotion to come to the rescue not only was I having issues with extra dry hands I know they are starting to look old plus it’s winter - my hands needed help and this came just in time - to save the day ! I love it - it’s not greasy either ! Which I really love ! #atopalm #atopalmusa #handcream #skincaretips # skincareproducts #beauty #instabeauty #08liter #08L

Crystal Leon

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Atopalm moisturizing hand treatment. Atopalm is one of most favorite skincare brand that my skin always loves.perfect for sensitive dry skin. This hand cream is of medium consistency that glides easily and absorbs quickly it protects my skin completely which I understand on days when I walk out in winter without my favorite hand treatment. this is absolutely amazing gentle fragrance free .Definitely my go to product this winter in my handbag.


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Atopalm Moisturizing Hand Treatment is an intense moisturizing hand lotion which offers fast-absorbing all-over hydration. This hand treatment nourishes your hands with amazing ingredients such as Olive Fruit Oil, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Licorice Root Extract, and Vitamin E and leaving them soft and smooth. This richly moisturizing hand cream has a pleasant smell and feel good when you put them on. This Atopalm hand cream spreads on the hands quite well, absorbed fairly quickly into the skin, does not make me feel greasy after application. During the winters, my hands get really dry and I should apply hand cream several times a day, but this hand treatment really works and lasts for several hours and I apply it about once or twice a day. Atopalm Moisturizing Hand Treatment is thick enough to provide moisture and protection to the skin but not too heavy. I usually apply a quarter-sized amount onto my hand before going to sleep at night and before leaving house in the morning. Because this hand treatment keeps my hand hydrated all day and even after washing my hands, it stayed moist. I received this product from @0.8l_usa and @atopalmusa in exchange of my honest review.


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I received this hand cream complimentary for review. It's a Korean beauty product by @atopalmusa . It's said to provide a moisturizing, protective environment for hands. This multi defense formula helps fight the signs of aging, tiny lines and wrinkles while providing moisture to the hands in general. Paraben free, developed with a dynamic combination of exclusive ingredients. Especially beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. How it worked for me? I don't show much aging on my hands as of yet. Just the typical crinkling around the finger tips during these cold months. So though I can't speak on the anti aging benefits. I can say it provided instant moisture to my hands without leaving that sticky residue behind. I sanitize my hands often therefore moisturizer is very important. Being that the alcohol dries them out. This worked great and leaves behind a nice clean citrus scent. I highly recommend to my dry skin pals. For those of you experiencing aging on your hands. Read the reviews on this product. They all seem to be positive. Definitely worth looking into Thank you @atopalmusa @0.8l_usa for the opportunity to try it.


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🖐🏼 Atopalm ~ Moisturizing Hand Treatment • 🖐🏼 An advanced anti-aging hand cream designed to hydrate and soften the hands while reducing visible signs of aging. With regular use, hands will become softer, smoother and more comfortable. Recommend for dry, sensitive and aging skin types. • 🖐🏼My Thoughts💭: I will put this simply - this handcream is awesome! I was suffering with majorly dry hands when this arrived. I also had a pretty bad cut on one of my knuckles that just would not heal because my hands were so dry from housework and the winter weather. I wish that I would’ve taken a before picture but my hands were way too messed up to show on IG. Not only did this heal up my cut but it has also healed my dry hands. This is a very rich cream, with a very light herbal scent, it takes a minute to completely sink in but once it does it leaves my hands feeling and looking rehydrated again. I feel like it keeps my hands moisturized for awhile instead of going right back to feeling dry. I like using this at night and after I do the dishes. It’s helped my hands out a lot! I admit, I don’t always apply hand cream like I should and this has been a total lifesaver for me (and my hands) this winter. I recommend!! Thanks to @0.8l_usa & @atopalmusa for letting me try this product #free for my honest opinion 🖐🏼♥️🖐🏼 •


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Actually works! This paraben-free low-scent deep moisturizing hand treatment worked wonders for my dry hands that have been disgustingly dry from overwashing my hands, while at work. I have experienced complete healing on my knuckles, without being greasy or heavy.


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I received this complimentary @atoplamusa moistizing cream from @0.8l_usa in exchange for my honest review. ▫ I was a little hesitant on using the hand cream because of my sensitive skin. Usually any cream with fragrances give me a burning sensation, but this cream was just amazing! This moisturizer made my hands softer and I could still feel the results after I washed my hands a few times. This hand cream penetrates through and adds nutrition to your skin. It also has an antiaging factor which is a plus. I saw a difference in my skin within 3 days. It's my new favourite winter hand cream. I definitely recommend this product to everyone. ▫️ Thank you @0.8l for sending me this cream.


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🛑ATOPALM MOISTURIZING HAND TREATMENT🛑 🛑This couldn't be a more perfect product for this time of year. I have tried a few products form ATOPALM before and I've loved all of them. They are all very good quality and well made. All of ATOPALM products are made with their patented MLE technology. That stands for Multi Lamellar Technology, it penetrates deeply into the layers of your skin making it healthy from within. 🛑My hands are always very dry in winter and I always look for good hand creams. This is the best I've tried. It moisturizes my hands and elbows deeply without leaving them greasy feeling. There is no scent. It absorbs quickly. I want to use this all year round, not just in winter. This product claims to make your hands more youthful looking over time, which is wonderful because I've always been told that a womans hands show her real age. 😳 🛑Another wonderful product from the ATOPALM line! I can't wait to keep trying more products from this brand. I received this product for free for my review and honest opinion.


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This is such an amazing hand cream! It’s pretty thick but absorbs well. Has barely any smell and doesn’t leave a film layer on my hands. It can easily be layered. The only downside is that it’s a pretty big size


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My hands have been suuuper dry from all the painting (& washing paint brushes) I’ve been doing lately. 🧼🖌 This @atopalmusa moisturizing hand treatment is bringing my skin back to life! 😍 I’ve tried a few things from this brand so far & have enjoyed all of them. 💯 I’m about to slather my hands up, since they’re going to be in latex gloves half the day. 🙌 What are y’all doing on this beautiful #sundayfunday?! 😃💝 #atopalm #atopalmusa #08l #08liter #handcream #skincaretips #skincareproducts #lovetheskinyourein #beauty #beautycommunity #beautybloggers #instabeauty #skin #moisturizer #birthdaymonth #gifted 💋